ITISAG - Sample 1 for three columns


ENG - DE, DE - ENG, legal texts with official stamps, M&A contracts, CV's, patent documentation, patent examination reports, T&Cs, data protection clauses, standard website texts, direct to CMS (xml translations), dissertations and theses, academic papers, internal training material, InDesign and PPTs, UX-friendly web and App instructions, TRDs, use cases, blogs, newsletters, proofreading

ITISAG - Sample 1 for three columns


ENG - DE, DE - ENG, Marketing materials and assets, global website copy, brand guidelines and narratives, script adjustments, innovation, spotlights, marketing invitations, corporate slogans, localisations, event campaigns and localised messaging, billboards

ITISAG - Sample 1 for three columns


ENG - DE, DE - ENG, simultaneous, consecutive, whisper, conferences and committees, global events, forums, technology summits, political seminars, "community" interpreting, court interpreting, on-demand by telephone, OTP (over the phone), OTI (over the Internet), all hands, information (incase we're needed) 





"No matter who you work with - Harry or David, Beth or Greta - they will treat your content like gold."

Michael Rossié, Vice President

"Thanks for translating our customer agreements, T&Cs and compliance- and quality standards documentation. You're quick, relaible and very good." 

Martin Beck, Quality Management   


Rebecca: "Dear Christine, would there be any chance of getting a reference from you for the translation work we do for you in PR, Marketing and legal documentation?"

Christine: "Sure. executive english are fantastic!"

Christine Walker, Managing Director

"Thanks for transcreating our website." 

Leon von Tippelskirsch,  CEO    

Meet our "Wordies"

Company team

Katja Vincent, Head of Office &  eWord

Katja is a language genius and business administration power house. Our talented Head of Office dedicates herself to making tomorrow's world a better place. She has experience in charity, environmental protection and holistic wellbeing.  And manages our team of translators with a healthy dose of perfection. 

  • B.A.: Computer Science (in progress)

Company team

Philippa Carr, Translator, Interpreter                                           

  • DE - ENG 

  • B.A.: German and French Studies (focus translations)

  • M.A.: European Governance and Politics

  • Member VdÜ - Association of German-speaking Translators of Literary and Scientific Works

  • Expertise: Public Administration Translations, Environment, Technology, Innovation, Science, Community Interpreting, Translation of Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, Website Translation Konrad-Adenauer-Charity

Company team

Sarah Hyde, Translator, Transcreator

  • DE - ENG 

  • BA: Linguistics and International Relations

  • Expertise: Blogs, Social Media and Posts either as Ghostwriter or Transcreator, Website Copy, Legal English - HR Contracts & Corporate Law (M&A, Incorporation Documentation), Marketing and Communications

Company team

Silvia Schager, Translator, Interpreter

  • ENG - DE 

  • Foreign Language Institute: Certified State Translation

  • Sworn Translator (able to provide official stamp)

  • 20 Years Translation Experience

  • Expertise: Legal Translations - specialising in patents, IT Translations, State Interpreting, Court Interpreting, Community Interpreting, Political Interpreting, Conference Interpreting