personalised workshops and seminars

Our executive workshops are developed individually with each client in mind.  

How we work

Our intensive seminars and workshops are often requested and booked months in advance. Increasingly, we are advising our clients to consider this learning route as an alternative to weekly training sessions. Why? Because we notice attendance goes up as more priority is placed on them. And of course because we can offer a deeper more lasting dive into the area that your world rotates around. 

When we receive a workshop request our Head of Client Engagement conducts a needs analysis and gets to the core of what the learning goals should be. They then match the perfect trainer to you. Then our Workshop Coordinator gets to work handpicking the content, communications activities and subjects that will inspire your participants to learn.  

Specially designed workshop packs with a clear flow that builds on learning and the application of that learning are then compiled.  During the session, each student's needs and requests are targeted and addressed. At the end of each session, we give our trademark feedback of vocabulary, lessons learned, and of course- praise! Each student will also receive a certificate of accomplishment. No wonder we average 1+ in all of the feedback we receive.

Seminar vs workshop

What differentiates a seminar from a workshop is predominantly the length of time. A workshop lasts up to three hours, and a seminar can be a half to a full day. Secondly, of course, we use the time carefully in both and make the learning goals realistic. Typically, our seminars are more skills based with what we call "surgery style" elements - a chance to look at the documentation and information you deal with everyday. Our our workshops build practical expertise and vocabulary around high-level application. But both blend communication with a clear learning objective.  See below for a few examples of typical sessions. But don't forget your unique wish is our command.  


  • Correspondence in English
  • Project Management
  • Responding to Tenders
  • Storytelling in Presentations
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Simon Sinek's "The Golden Triangle"
  • Creative Thinking
  • English for EU law


  • Intercultural Skills
  • Your Company's Value Proposition
  • Media Training
  • English for Marketers
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Digitalisation
  • Pitching for New Business
  • Simon Sinek's "The Golden Triangle"
  • Presentation Skills (with Filming)

english round table

Currently a very popular format amongst our clients to enhance communication and team-building simultaneously is our “English Round Table” concept.

This sees us recommending a number of topics relevant to our clients, and creating an open-platform for exchange and brainstorming in English.

Popular subjects are:

  •  “What is digitalization and how will it affect our clients/customers?”
  • "What is the future of our industry?”
  • “What are the trends in our business we can’t ignore?”
  • “How can we understand ourselves and others better?”
  • “How can we turn our services into a product?”
  • “What is the future of Europe?”