training in the digital age

The digital world is now a solid component of our physical word. The two complement each other. That's why, for a while now, ee has been building a solution that enables you to combine as much or as little of both.  Our solution named e³ (e-ee) is a living, breathing, online expression of our brand: Learn lots and love learning. 

 embodies our attitude to learning: You need to do a lot of it and have a lot of fun at the same time. That's why all our courses are conceived by Beth Negus.  Everyone of our modules contains the perfect sprinkle of ee ingredients to ensure success. 

Check out our video here!

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With a variety of courses that are either blended (with private lessons / with workshop / with web conference to combine) or as pure e-learning we let our customers decide how they want the learning program to design their employees in the future. Our modules all have the following learning modules for learners:

  • Automatic access - no registration necessary
  • Thematic learning (your main work)
  • 3-5 parts of each lesson that are easy to follow
  • Permanent navigation signs
  • Lesson duration of 1-2 hours can be interrupted at any time
  • Automatic landing of the last viewed page when logging in and out again.
  • Tasks that can be sent to the trainer
  • Quizzes for the consolidation of learning
  • Videos and audio material
  • Quizlets with all learned vocabulary at the end of a lesson
  • Tests - with feedback
  • The possibility to give their employees access without e-mail address (data protection)
  • The possibility to take e³ in the house and to implement this with your LMS system (SCORM)
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With badges, levels, and more, students in each class get to compete with one another and view each other's standings. Who will win out on present-perfect v. past simple has actually become a dream prize in one of our blended classes.

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For a client's training and development department, the benefits are endless. executive english provides clients with visual and thorough reporting on a monthly basis.

At the end of the course, all participants who have finished with a passing grade will receive a certificate. A recognition of accomplishment is always in order!